Top Knot Floors, LLC.

Why Choose Top Knot Floors?

Every day, in every way...our estimates are not only conducted in the privacy and warmth of your home, but they're FREE! No hassle, no fuss, no obligation from a company you will trust.
Top Knot Floors, LLC was founded by Jason Essig in 2008 and though he may be young in appearance, he's incredibly old in his knowledge.  Being knowledgeable beyond his years, he has "old school" work ethics because he believes that any job worth doing, is worth doing right...the first time!

At Top Knot Floors, LLC we specialize in custom hardwood flooring design, installation and refinishing.   Additionally, we take SUBSTANTIAL pride  in providing high quality wood flooring and craftsmanship.  We don't believe in "manufacturing" wood floors, we CRAFT your floors to be as unique as the families that will walk across them for years.  Our floors reflect personality, style, discerning taste and are highly distinguishable in an ocean of indistinguishable factory line replicas.  

We never leave a site without complete customer approval and satisfaction! & we will happily walk you through our process every step of the production and we take the time to educate and empower you to be knowledgeable about our quality construction and how you can best maintain your investment well beyond life-expetancy.  

Furthermore, clean-up services are ALWAYS provided!
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